Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Fave Friday: Come-Back Edition

I'm blogging again, and it's Friday.  You know what that means.  Five Fave Friday in full effect!  Five Fave Friday is where I share my top 5 favorite things for the week, mostly things that I have found on the Internet. Most of these things can be found pinned to my Pinterest board of the same name here.  This week has brought me so many good things!  A new position at work, new friends, an awesome thunder-blizzard (you may not know it, but I LOVE snow), opportunities to invest in people, and a slightly clearer focus on this season of my life (because Christians love calling our life stages "seasons").  It has just been an all around amazing week, and it started so humbly.  Oh!  And I now have FOUR people following my little blog!  You guys are awesome.  I'm truly blessed.

This weeks five faves seem to have a lot to do with Youtube.  Here they are, in no particular order:

This little dude is just pure awesome.  It will make your day.  Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel.  Thanks to my friend for sharing this with me.

The person who did this is a genius.

This is Willie Moore Jr. and he is hilarious.  This video is so funny, and it has a fantastic moral message.  Trust me.  Almost as good as Kid President.  Almost.  Be sure to subscribe to his Youtube Channel too.  Thanks to one of my other friends for sharing this one!

The final two things on my list are a couple of blog posts I read this week that just really gave me a huge change of perspective, and I absolutely love when that happens.  I enjoy being challenged and growing.  This one from Jon Acuff (of Stuff Christians Like and Quitter fame) made me take a step back and remember how madly I am loved by my Creator.  And this one from Relevant Magazine gave me a lot to think about where relationships are concerned.  Both of these are great reads, you won't regret it.

Stay tuned next week to see what random jewels I find to share with you!

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